Preparing for a 10K race or 3K fun run

Tips from Bourn Golf & Leisure

Bourn Health and Fitness Club

The key to participating in a 10K run is preparation. There are many different types of cardio and resistance training methods that you need to cover when training for the Bourn to Run 10K race.


When training cardio, it is best to start with the basics: steady pace and stamina. Put yourself on a treadmill and set your running pace. Take it easy to start with and start running to a 3:1 ratio: 3 minutes running, one minute walking. Repeat this for the first few weeks until your fitness starts to improve. When fitness has improved, then increase your running time and decrease your recovery time.

Knowing the location and/or the running track is also important when training for a race. Check to see if there are hills, if the track is flat and if it’s on grass or road. I recommend preparing yourself for all possible situations. Train yourself in running up and down hill. This will teach your body when it needs to recover while it is also testing you.

Use different types of cardio training to prepare for the race. Change every week, between interval, fartlek, CP (creatine phosphate) and aerobic training. This will keep your body guessing and keep you interested and motivated.


Resistance training is also very important to improve your posture and running technique, and to reduce the chance of injury. Key areas to work are your core, legs and back. Training core muscles will ensure good posture and support to your back. Increasing strength in your legs will prepare them for the endurance of the run whilst providing support and power to your legs. Doing resistance training on your back will ensure good posture and stability throughout the whole run.

Stretching and flexibility

It is important to stretch before and after every workout to reduce the chance of injuries and blood pooling. Working on your flexibility will improve your range of motion and reduce soreness.

It’s key to take it day by day and not to over-train, but to set yourself weekly goals to keep yourself motivated and driven.

Lastly and most importantly, have fun!