3K Top 100 finishers 2013

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1Andrew Worrall11 to 15Fastest boy under 16
2Franchesca Worrall11 to 15Fastest girl under 16
3Evan Hosking11 to 15
4Keenan Hosking10 and underFastest boy under 11
5Tom Whinney10 and under
6Lauren Elliott10 and underFastest girl under 11
7Oskar Spouse10 and underFastest boy in Bourn School
8Charis Taylor11 to 15
9Zach Taylor11 to 15
10Alex Nelson11 to 15
11Thomas Hamilton11 to 15
12Cameron Eakins10 and under
13Barnaby Johnson10 and under
14Alexandra Herbert10 and under
15Finlay Cross10 and under
16Sam Whinney10 and under
17Liam Shorter10 and under
18Oliver Thomas11 to 15
19Richard HookAdult
20Brodie Knibbs11 to 15
21Lucy Turner10 and under
24Harvey Densem10 and under
25Harry Tait11 to 15
26Josh Stokes10 and under
27Adam Hudson
28Louise Grover10 and under
29Sophie Worrall10 and under
30Ted Hope10 and under
33Harry Honeywood10 and under
34Gabriel Parmenter (Gabe the Awesome)
35Edward Naylor10 and under
36Axel Spouse11 to 15
37William Honeywood10 and under
38Megan Bunker11 to 15
39Charlie ?
40Max Tait11 to 15
41Sam Herbert10 or under
42Oliver Daniel10 or under
43Zak Fairclough10 or under
44Katie Thompson10 and under
45Diane HookAdult
46Alice Weatherley11 to 15
47Alex Turtill11 to 15
48James TaitAdult
49Olivia Shorter11 to 15
50Peter HudsonAdult
51Lily Goodwin10 and under
52Elliot Freebairn10 and under
53Robin FreebairnAdult
54Jodie Elliott10 and under
55Paula ElliottAdult
56Grace Woolmer10 and underFastest girl in Bourn School
57Karen WhinneyAdult
58TJ Pilgrim11 to 15
59Pedro Agruara10 and under
60James Barter10 and underFastest boy under 7
61Jack Pym10 and under
62Luca Ganado10 and under
64Thomas Saint10 and under
65Alistair Goodman10 and under
67Jenson Glass10 and under
68David GanadoAdult
69Harry Shone10 and under
70Evan Leiser10 and under
72Annie PageAdult
73Anja Urbanc10 and under
74Janez UrbancAdult
75James Nelson10 and under
76Laura Thompson10 and under
77Ella Darrington10 and under
78Sam Pritchard11 to 15
79Eva Renouf
80Jake Hall10 and under
81Daisy Johnson10 and under
82Tilly Johnson10 and under
84Stuart JohnsonAdult
86Oliver Wilkinson10 and under
87Alex Naylor10 and under
88Lance Ginn11 to 15
89Zoe McKeownAdult
90Brooke Woolmer11 to 15
91Ella Biggs10 and under
92Jenna Whinney10 and under
94Jack Badcock10 and under
95Ben Ginn10 and under
97Mark ArnoldAdult
99Daniel Chaplin11 to 15
100Chris Green11 to 15

2013 Prize Categories:

Andrew Worrall – Fastest boy under 16
Franchesca Worrall – Fastest girl under 16
Keenan Hosking – Fastest boy under 11
Lauren Elliott – Fastest girl under 11
James Barter – Fastest boy under 7
Kimberley Niewuodt – Fastest girl under 7
Oskar Spouse – Fastest Bourn School boy
Grace Woolmer – Fastest Bourn School girl

3k Fancy Dress winners

Under 5
Winner – Evie Brooks
2nd Place – Rosie Jackson

Under 7
Winner – Harry Aldridge
2nd Place – Romilie Pollack

Under 11
Winner – Oliver Wilkinson
2nd Place – Tim Easy

Best Group
Winners – 118 Group
2nd Place – Toy Shop